Is your Puppy at Home?


imagine you're busy at work...and the Dog is at home!!

You can Protect floors and furniture from unavoidable pet mishaps!

Reusable Leak Proof Washable Puppy Pads  
in a Size, Style & case pack that works for you and your pet! 
Made in the USA ~ Economical and Eco-Friendly
35x72 Regular Washable Puppy Pee Pads
Start at $29.99/ea
22x36 Print Style Washable Potty Pads
$99/Dz Other case packs available
18x24 Regular Washable Puppy Potty Pads
$59.99/Dz Other Case Packs available
Choose from Basic Regular, Prints & Plaids. Jumbo sizes Too!.
Great for Senior Pet Care, Travel, Whelping, Puppy Training
and furniture and floor protection.

“Have used these pads for years with my mini Daschund puppies!”

— Clarice Jackson
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