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Launch a Shopify Store


 So you want to sell online?  You know what you want to sell and want an eCommerce site that is quick, simple, and affordable? You want to get off of E-bay?

You want a Custom Shopify site! 

Why I use Shopify:

Shopify is quick, simple, and cost effective.  Best of all, its user friendly!  I switched my existing store to Shopify over a year ago and I am amazed at the results!  I can spend less time worrying about maintaining my site and more time selling products! The shopping cart is easy enough for anyone to use and I can easily get in to help you if you need it!

Start Here:

I can help you launch your eCommerce site in very little time.  You will need to think about your content, shipping, images etc-- All of which you can change as often as you like without costly web designers.
Plans start at $29.00 per month for 100 products. Accept all major credit cards with no hassles!


Shopify setup starts at $350 and includes:

  • Open a Shopify account on your behalf (BONUS: UNLIMITED TRIAL!! You won't need to pay a subscription until you launch)
  • Installation of your theme
  • Setup your categories for you - this can be tricky for most shop owners
  • Customize your shipping, taxes, etc
  • Upload your logo, add your colors + fonts
  • Setup your home page