Tips for Traveling with your pet!

Take Frequent Potty Breaks: Your pet will need this- Time to stretch their legs and get some exercise. Be sure to always have your pet on a leash with a collar that has a special id tag, just in case they get lost. Most rest stops will have a designated area for your pets to use the bathroom. Make sure to have waste bags to clean up after them.

Keep Heads In: A Dog hanging out of the window is very unsafe. You don't want to lose any pets to jumping out of a moving car over something interesting that catches their eye or being hit by any objects or bugs sailing through the air. 

Food intake and hydration: Many pets will get an upset stomach during travel, especially if you're on the road an extended amount of time. When feeding your pet, keep it to a minimum and try not to stray from their everyday diet. (No Fast Food) Be sure to provide some fresh water to your pets at each stop that you make.  

Safety in the vehicle: Be sure that your pet is safely restrained while traveling in the car. Using a travel pet harness or kennel are the best ways to ensure this. There are also vehicle barrier's which work amazingly with large breed dogs in larger trucks and SUV's. Cover your seats and cargo area in case of an accident. Clean up will be much easier for you once you arrive home again. These great products will help protect your pet from injury and be less distracting to the driver. 

Comfort: Try to make the drive as comfortable as possible for your pet. Bring the comforts of home, their favorite blanket or a travel pet bed. It is just as important for them to have comfort as it is you. It will make for a more calm and relaxing ride. 

Never leave pets unattended: Don't leave your pets alone in a parked car. On hot days, the temperature in a closed car can rise within minutes. Protect your pet from being stolen.

Will you be staying overnight and need Pet Friendly Accommodations?

  • At Check-in, Inquire about the areas to bathroom and walk your pets.
  • Always clean up after your bathroom runs (of course)
  • Try to get a ground floor room to make it easier.
  • Cover the furniture and beds that your pets will be allowed on. 
  •  Keep your pet on a leash and keep them out of dining areas.
  •  Avoid leaving your pet unattended in the room. Being in an unfamiliar place can be stressful on them. You want to keep barking and destructive behavior to a minimum. Look into a local pet day care if you have to be somewhere and your pet can not be with you.
  • Place a note on the door alerting housekeeping that a pet is in the room and to knock before entering.