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Washable PuppyPads

Who says washable leak proof protection is  just for puppies ? These reusable pads are great for travel, whelping and senior pet care as well as furniture and floor protection for house training

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Washable belly Bands

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Washable Belly Bands

Washable belly bands with velcro closure and elasticized leg openings for snug fit that DONT need additional inserts!


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"I ordered a 60 x 60 to put on my bed at night for my older dog with kidney failure and continue to use with my dogs. No stains on my bed linens - just on the pads. A lifesaver. Love the larger sizes for furniture. They wash easy and keep things where I want them! Thanks for a great product"

Jayne Friedman

There is no way I could foster rescue dogs without the PersonallyPaws pads. I have been using them for many years. Once puppies begin shredding the disposable pads, the washable pads are used. This is a great dog"

Judy Crowe

Love Personally Paws washable pads. I've been using the pads for years for my dogs. Great for long shifts at work. They have an indoor potty for when we can't make it home. When introducing the newer furbaby members it's easy to train them to the indoor potty.Always easy to order online. These pads are so much better than disposable ones! Thanks for such a great product.

Ruth Klatz