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Washing Instructions

How do I launder my washable pads or belly bands?

Correctly washed products will have a long and useful life.  Products washed incorrectly will breakdown reducing the product life span.

Pads and belly bands can be washed on normal wash/dry settings using hot or cold water.

Hints to insure a long life for reusable pads:

  1. Excessive Bleach will cause premature product failure. Use of oxygenated bleach is recommended.
  2. Proper load levels are important! Do not overload washer or dryer.
  3. Use of the Highest water level is recommended for product to rinse thoroughly.
  4. Do not leave product in dryer after cycle is complete.
  6. Life span can vary depending on soil levels, water conditions and washing equipment.
*Baking Soda added to the wash cycle is an economical, eco-friendly way to remove stains and urine odor!